Ports Incoming!

Along with our partners at PID Games, we’re pleased to announce that Abandon Ship is coming to new platforms!

Check out the trailer for the upcoming mobile game:


A lot of work has gone into remaining faithful to the original version, retaining the art style, fidelity, framerate and gameplay. There are a host of additions that make the mobile version as fun to play as possible, including the ability to pan and zoom in combat, apply some optional crew automation and an extra way to fire at your enemies with a special aiming mode.

You can pre-order the game now by selecting one of the icons below:


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Now it’ll be easier than ever to take to the high seas – whether that’ll be at your desk or on the move, and we’re looking forward to welcoming a whole new wave of players to the world of Abandon Ship!

PS – Is the game coming to more platforms, I here you ask? We can’t talk about that… yet. Loose lips, sink ships, as the saying goes 😉

PPS – At some point, we’ll be looking to update the PC version with any new features we deem appropriate. We can’t say when exactly, as we’re a tiny team juggling a lot right now – as well as the ports there’ll also be some imminent big news about our next game, SENTRY!