Official Soundtrack Out Now!

We’ve received a lot of requests for releasing the soundtrack, and with good reason – Composer Aaron Miller has created an epic score, suitably rousing and appropriate for ship battles in tumultuous seas!


Aaron has remastered the music from the game into an album. The full track listing is as follows:


– Abandon Ship (Main Theme)
– Head Hunters
– Beyond The Great Divide
– Battle Of The Prodigal Son
– From The Silence To The Resound
– Big Game Hunting
– Folly’s End
– Skin Merchant’s Lament
– His First Children
– Battle In The Tropics
– Return To Landfall
– Voltraré


You can get a hold of the soundtrack by visiting the Steam store:


You can also buy the album or individual tracks through Bandcamp:


Spotify and iTunes availability is on the way!



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