Abandon Ship Press Release 

Fireblade Software unleashes The Spider Islands, a major update for Abandon Ship.

 In it, Captains will be able to venture into three new regions:
– The Spider Islands, an arachnid-infested area with huge webs stretching between islands. Engaging in battle in this region will attract the attention of Giant Spiders that attack both vessels.
– Cannibal’s Lurk, where savage tribes defend their homes by paddling out in canoes.
– Peril’s Cauldron, home of the Sea of Serpents – a map patrolled by capricious people who live in harmony with local venomous snakes.
In keeping with previous updates, these areas are filled with unique islands and quests, some with lasting consequences on the environment.
Do you side with settlers, ousting the Cannibals from their lands? Or help them defend their homes from invasion?
Can you stop the spiders expanding beyond their region into the Silk Keys, or will the area fall?
Many more weird, wonderful and grim stories lie out there, waiting to be discovered.
Alongside these new regions, the headline systems includes allowing you to change your ship weapon layouts, tripling the potential combinations of how you – and the enemy – customise your vessel, a Visual Blueprint system that allows you to change the appearance of your ship, new weapons and upgrades and a whole lot more.


For the details on these and all the other exciting additions, head to the Community Announcements page on Steam:



About Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship is a single-player PC game where you take command of an ‘Age of Sail’ ship and her crew,  exploring a story-filled world and engaging in tactical battles, all framed in an Art Style inspired by Classic Naval Oil Paintings.


The Press Kit contains more information and newly released screenshots:
Abandon Ship is available now on Steam:
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