Early Access Plans

We have big plans for Abandon Ship and believe Early Access is the right path to reach our goal.
Here are some of the things we are planning over the coming months:
– Lots of new systems in exploration mode and supporting content to make it feel more like a living world to interact with.
– Unlocking more regions with unique islands
– Involved side quests
– Making some of the player choices feed back into the game, so their decisions may come back to haunt (or help) them
– More environmental modifiers for combat
– AI improvements, including ramming and boarding the player
– More weapons, upgrades and sections
– More ships
– The second half of the main story
– Seasonal events (looking forward to exploring the Haunted Isles in late October…)
– “Abandon Ship Stories” – like a bigger version of the Combat Campaign, these would be one-off stories separate from the main game that showcase new content in an easily accessible, standalone format. This is a format we can have some fun with; a future story could see you be a Cultist climbing the ranks, getting to control the Haliphron and even the Kraken!
– Plus a whole host of polish, bug-fixes, quality-of-life changes and other improvements
We will publicly talk about these plans in more detail closer to our release.