From the 3rd to the 14th of June 2019, the annual #loveindies event is running. This is a celebration of Indie games and their communities, created by our friends at Failbetter Games, who made Sunless Sea and more recently, Sunless Skies. I won’t explain the details of #loveindies, as that is covered in a […]

Major Update 04: Shattered Empire

Ahoy Captains! We’ve unlocked three regions for you to explore in our latest Major Update, alongside a load of other cool new stuff, making this our biggest one yet. Check out this video of the latest additions to see them in action:   Before we delve into Shattered Empire, some important house-keeping: We’ve greatly optimised our save […]

Major Update 03: The Haunted Seas

I bring spooky tidings, Captain.   Our latest update unlocks a region, includes a new standalone ‘Abandon Ship Story’ and has a whole host of other cool stuff!   We’ve released a trailer to accompany our latest Major Update, which you can watch here: First, some important house-keeping: Adding a new region means your saves […]