Abandon Ship Major Update 01: Treasures from the Deep


New video delves into Shipwrecks, Prisons, and more…

Guildford, UK, April 2018. For Immediate Release: Fresh from their Early Access launch success, Indie development studio Fireblade Software have released their first major update for Abandon Ship, available now on  Steam.
Check out the new Dev-Blog video where Team Lead Gary Burchell runs through the latest additions:
Gary explains the main focus of the update:
“We’ve had an amazing Early Access launch, even hitting 4th in the Global Top Sellers chart on Steam. That was an absolutely fantastic feeling for such a small, independent team to achieve, but there were a lot of friction points that players were reporting that we wanted to address. For some people, Abandon Ship could be absolutely brutal, and there were several issues that compounded each other. We’ve added new content and balance fixes, which we’ve been trialing on our Beta Branch. Now we’re excited to release them to the public.
The new update is summarised below. For a more detailed description, check out the following blog post:


Badly Hurt Crew, Traits and the Apothecary

Events will no longer kill crew, but make them “Badly Hurt” instead. This means they’re unconscious and cannot be used in battle until you can get back to a port and revive them in the new Apothecary.
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If a crew member is Badly Hurt, or Incapacitated in Combat, they will also gain a negative physical trait.
Traits can be positive or negative, mental or physical. They provide a bonus or penalty to actions in Combat that can impact your tactics. Negative physical traits can be cured in an Apothecary.
These systems combine to remove the feeling of unfairness from some events, and put crew recovery firmly back in the player’s control. The traits, as well as providing a subtle but meaningful combat effect also give extra personality to your loyal crew.


Diving Bell, Shipwrecks and Magistrate Saving

There is a new upgrade available in Port: The Diving Bell. These allow you to explore shipwrecks that are scattered around the world.
Watch out for the special Golden Shipwrecks. These are very rare and contain ‘Captain’s Logs’.
A Captain’s Log can be taken to the new Magistrate screen in Ports, where you can manually save your game.
Abandon Ship employs an autosave system that continually saves your progress. This, combined with Permadeath and the length of the main story mode could mean players lost a frustrating amount of progress. Now, the player can explore and find these Captain’s Logs which are scarce and finite. Upon death, you can resume from your last Magistrate Save.



It was too easy to become trapped in a negative downward spiral if you survived beyond ship destruction, so in these instances, you’ll want to stop off at one of the new Prisons.  By paying the minimal fine, you can release the inmates into your care. These are the lowest level crew that contain a few negative mental traits which cannot be cured, one of which stops them from ever gaining experience. Prisoners are useful to get you out of trouble, but not a good long-term solution.
 You can also gain Gold in a low-risk fashion by handing over your charts of the local area to the Magistrate.


Quick-Start, Difficulty, new Ships and Everything Else

A new quick-start mode allows players to dive straight into the action, and there are several changes to the difficulty modes that should improve the level of toughness for players of all levels.
The Cruiser and Corvette, along with their Cult variants.
Two new ship classes round off the update, along with a huge list of bug fixes, polish items and quality-of-life improvements. To see the full list, you can read the patch notes here:



Finally, lots of people have been asking when they can get their hands on the soundtrack for the game. Composer Aaron Miller has now made this available here:
Abandon Ship is available now on Steam for Early Access for $19.99/£14.99.


About Abandon Ship


Become the Captain of your very own ship, hire a crew and travel the seas of a fantasy world inspired by the Age of Sail period, complete with pirates and deadly sea creatures. Battle against weather, overcome fearsome odds, and survive the depths in an ‘FTL meets Master & Commander’ gameplay experience.
Combat in Abandon Ship is very tactical, forcing you to juggle between your crew’s placement on the ship, weapons to fire, and damage to fix. Players can upgrade their vessel to fit their style. From long-ranged cannon combat to short ranged harpoon and boarding, players have plenty of options. Add to this the effects of weather and environment to the fight, and there are always many factors to consider in every encounter. But you can’t fight without a loyal crew, and each crew member you find in ports has their own bonuses in combat. They aren’t invincible to damage or the elements, so keep an eye on them lest they have a watery demise.
The world of Abandon Ship is heavily inspired by naval oil paintings, embracing the beautiful aesthetic of artists like Willem Velde, James Wilson Carmichael and Ebenezer Colls (so much that map borders are literal picture frames, painting in the world as you uncover the canvas-like fog of war). Along with its art style is procedural-generation, letting players enjoy a diverse environment that can react to the player’s choices. Depending on the quests you take, the world can alter dramatically for good or bad. With islands to explore, ships to fight, and mysterious sea monsters in the depths, Abandon Ship is perfect to unleash your inner captain and sail the high seas.

Key Features

– Tactical and Savage Combat. Each battle is hard-fought, always on the edge of defeat. Your only chance of overcoming the odds is to employ every advantage you can and utilize all the tools at your disposal.
– Ship Destruction is not the End. Life in the world of Abandon Ship can be brutal. Death is permanent. But the game doesn’t end if your vessel is destroyed. You are the Captain, and as long as the Captain is alive, there is always hope. By escaping to a Lifeboat, or even being stranded, alone in the water, there is still a chance to survive and fight your way back to the top.
– Explore a procedurally generated world from Tropics to Arctics. Engage in quests or deal with incidental events on your journey to save the world from a Doomsday Cult.
– A Personal Adventure. Customise and upgrade your Captain, Ship and Crew. Build yourself to be worthy of any foe, whether that be human or otherwise. But be prepared to make moment-to-moment life-or-death decisions for you and your crew.


To learn more, or ask any questions, please contact:

Gary Burchell
Team Lead
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