Fireblade Software
Based in Guildford, United Kingdom

Founding date:
January 5, 2016


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Abandon Ship

United Kingdom

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Fireblade Software is an Indie Developer comprised of Industry Veterans and exciting new talent. Several team members have worked together previously, and combined have decades of experience with dozens of released titles between them. We're gamers, so we make the sort of games that we would want to play.


In the beginning...

Gary Burchell had always wanted to make games. Specifically, he had two ambitions: Make a AAA Title and run his own Studio. After a failed attempt at the former (Gary was an Executive Producer working alongside Game Director Sam Barlow on a canned AAA project), he confirmed that his first ambition was not all it was cracked up to be. After finishing Assassin's Creed Chronicles, Gary decided that it was time to fulfil his second ambition, leaving his job of 13 years to pursue "The Indie Dream".

Next Steps

When former colleague Adam Thacker became available, momentum started to build for Fireblade Software and more specifically it's debut title Abandon Ship. With a promising prototype in place, the team expanded with artists capable of realising the unique Naval Oil-Painting Art Style, and a BAFTA-award winning Audio Designer to do the games sound justice.

To Be Continued...

With the release of Abandon Ship into Steam Early Access, the team are now focused on implementing player feedback and working towards the full release.



Full Release YouTube

Early Access Launch Trailer YouTube

Release Date Announcement Trailer YouTube

Announcement Trailer YouTube



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Selected Articles

  • "Abandon Ship, in other words, is a game that plays with FTL's winning formula in some very clever ways. It eases off on certain elements, allowing you to look around and get a sense of exploration, while ramping up the intensity of other elements. It's a game that makes you stop and really think about certain parts of your journey, while relying on gut instinct to see you through others. For something that's just launched in Early Access it's remarkably well realised, and I look forward to seeing how shipshape it is once the voyage to completion is finally done."
    - Johnny Chiodini, Eurogamer

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Gary Burchell
Biz Dev, Designer, Project Lead, Founder, Director

Adam Thacker
Technical Lead, Co-Founder, Director

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