Abandon Ship Press Release


Friday 1st December 2017


Upcoming PC game Abandon Ship has today announced that it will be releasing into Steam Early Access in early 2018.


Team Lead Gary Burchell had this to say:


“Abandon Ship is a very systems-driven game, which is a fantastic fit for Early Access. We’re really looking forward to getting feedback and balancing the game with our community.
We’re committed to delivering an extremely high-quality experience, and to ensuring that even our initial release is as feature-complete and polished as possible. So far, the response from our play-testers has been exceptionally positive, but why stop there? With a little extra time, we can make the game even better.”


Fireblade Software has also released a “Developer Let’s Play” video which shows approximately 30 minutes of gameplay:


About Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship is a single-player PC game where you take command of an ‘Age of Sail’ ship and her crew, framed in an Art Style inspired by Classic Naval Oil Paintings.


The Press Kit contains more information:
There is a Coming Soon Steam page available where people can add the game to their Wishlist:
The game’s website includes further details plus links to social media. By signing up to the newsletter then your name will appear in the game as a randomly generated crew member.



To learn more, or ask any questions, please contact:

Gary Burchell
Team Lead