How to Run a Beta Branch in Steam


This page will explain how to set up and run a Beta Branch in Steam.

Step 1

You will have been sent a Steam key for Abandon Ship. To activate it, log into your Steam account and along the top left of the Steam window is a row of options.
Select “Games”, followed by “Activate a Product on Steam…”

Step 2

Enter the Abandon Ship Steam Key that you have been sent in “Product Code” field and press the “Next” button.

Step 3

Follow the on-screen steps and eventually you will see Abandon Ship in your Library:

Step 4

If you run this version, you will be presented with a placeholder screen (pressing escape will exit back to desktop):
If you ever see this screen, you are running the incorrect version of the game.
In order to run the correct version, you will need to run a Beta branch.

Step 5

Right-click on Abandon Ship and select the “Properties” option:

Step 6

Select the “Betas” tab on the Properties box:
You will have been sent a Beta Branch Password. Enter this into the field and select “Check Code”. A success message should appear.
 Now use the drop-down menu above to select the correct Beta Branch. By default, the “NONE” option is selected. You want to select the new option that appeared when you entered the password:
For the purposes of this document, we are using the “internaltest” branch. This will not be available to you. You will have a special branch with a different name.
Once you have selected the correct branch, return to the Library in Steam.

Step 7

The name of the Beta Branch that you selected should now be appended to the Abandon Ship name in your Steam Library:
Once in this format, you will be able to play the correct version of Abandon Ship.
If you experience any technical difficulties, please email for assistance.