Want to know more? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we receive:

What platform is the game on?

You can get Abandon Ship on PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac.

Where will I be able to buy it?

You can purchase the game now on Steam, Humble Store, Green Man Gaming and Fanatical

Any other platforms?

At some point in the future, most likely after release we’d look at other platforms that would be suitable for the game.

Who is making Abandon Ship?

Fireblade Software comprises Gary Burchell and Adam Thacker. This duo is supplemented by a small team of incredibly talented freelance developers. These were Alex Shapland, Aaron Miller, Mark Angus, and Danny Wadeson.


Some of us used to previously work together and have shipped dozens of games and combined have decades of industry experience. That usually qualifies us as “industry veterans”!

Will there be Multiplayer?

We are a small team making an ambitious game, so we felt it best to focus on delivering an extremely high quality Single-Player experience.

Can I post videos of Abandon Ship and earn money from them?

Of course! We’d love you to post and share as much about the game as possible.

What games have inspired Abandon Ship?

We’ve been influenced by a lot of great games in many different ways. Some of the standout games include the exceptional FTL, Sunless Sea and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.

Are there any other inspirations that have influenced the game?

Lots! It’s important to consume as much associated media as possible, and at some point we’ll put up a blog post that goes into more detail on this.
One of the biggest influences on the game has been classic naval oil paintings, which were a perfect fit for the themes and tone of the game, as well as providing a unique and compelling visual look.

What will I be doing in Combat?

You take command of your crew, moving them around your ship performing actions like firing the cannons, steering and performing repairs. You can change the distance between your ship and the enemy’s, even boarding them if you choose.

Of course, while this is happening, you have to contend with enemy barrages, boarding attempts, storms, sharks, fires, hull cracks and all sorts of other things that you have to juggle in order to overcome your enemy.


There are loads of videos available to see the latest gameplay, via our own channels and third-party Influencers and Streamers. A good place to start is our “Videos” page on the website.

What will I be doing in the Exploration side of the game?

By moving around the map, you uncover and complete events and quests. While there is a main story to follow, there are a lot of side-quests and incidental events to contend with.

Is the game set in the real world or a fictional one?

We think of it as “Grounded Fantasy”. By that, we mean it’s a believable world (no floating castles in the sky), one that doesn’t feel too dissimilar to the technology in the height of the Age of Sail. At the same time, a fictitious world allows us to inject some of our own twists and fun gameplay elements. That includes Sea Monsters!

What happens after your ship is destroyed?

It’s not “Game Over” that’s for sure, although the game has just become harder.

If you managed to escape to your lifeboat, you can try to make your way back to a port where you can acquire a new ship and crew to continue your quest.

If you ended up stranded in the water, the odds are stacked against you, but that makes it all the more satisfying if you manage to make it back to a port alive. Unique events will occur whether you’re in a Lifeboat or Stranded.

I heard I can get my name in the game?

That is correct!

There is a form at the bottom of most pages on the website, which allows you to sign up to our newsletter. Once you sign up, we’ll add your name to a “names database”. When the game generates a crew-member (or other object in the game that will be named) it’ll choose a name at random from the database. That means anyone’s game could have you turn up as a crew-member!

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You can find our Privacy Policy here: http://abandonshipgame.com/privacy-policy

When is the game coming out?

The game released into Early Access on the 21st February 2018. We expect it to be in Early Access for 12 – 18 months.